Insurance Tips

Shopping for Insurance? Wondering Which Insurance Companies Have the Best Customer Service?

Here is a list of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly as ranked by our experiences with customer service and claims processing. The latest big challenge? "Preferred provider programs" driven by several insurance carriers. These programs remove you, the vehicle owner / policy holder from the repair process. Cleverly promoted "to serve you better" make no mistake these programs are implemented as cost control measures only. Shops participating in these programs are often held to pricing policies that may be contrary to the best repair of your vehicle. As a requirement of coverage, no insurance provider can legally require you to have repairs completed at their preferred shop. It's still your choice!

The Good:

These companies have consistently shown to have your repairs and best interests in mind: Acuity, Auto Owners, Erie, West Bend, Secura.

The Bad:

Unfortunately, many companies fall under this category, but if you have a good agent or repair shop on your side you will be fine. One cannot expect insurance companies to blindly pay claims as that would be foolish on their part, but some give and take on both sides is needed to get your repair done properly. They all talk a good game when they are selling, but know that you are not in good hands, they're not on your side, there's little "accident forgiveness" and you will need to be your own rock. Despite their advertisements of exceptional claims service, don't expect a hassle-free settlement. Your trusted repair shop will be an asset in navigating the process to a properly completed repair.

The Ugly:

The following are companies that we currently do not work with due to our experiences of dismal customer service and claims handling. These companies are Geico, Liberty Mutual, Safeco, Allstate, Progressive and The Farmers Group (including 21st Century, Met Life, Foremost and Zurich) .